“The human ability to reach unity and harmony,
precisely due to the infinite variety inherent in people,
is the most beautiful achievement we can strive for”.

Hi, I'm Avi Sadikov

I’ve always enjoyed aesthetics and art. When I was 16, I began painting and sculpting, and that was the first time I gave them meaning. The material, shape, and color made an impression on me.
To me, the ability to create something fresh and distinct ‘out of nothing’ while still using the same raw materials was amazing. I suddenly realized that everything depends on one thing,.. and unity is built on the foundation of variety.

I discovered my calling in this field when I was 24 years old, and it continues to excite me to this day. At “Shenkar arts school”, I took goldsmithing, jewelry design, and other enriching courses. Everything stayed with me, from the paper to the materials to the result (Arts & Crafts).
Every time I handle a piece of jewelry that was created from an idea I had, I am amazed. Over and over, it feels like a small creation.

In 2006, I founded the AMEN brand. I chose the name because of its universal significance and affinity it has for everyone.  16 years later, I still believe that my work and I are evolving…

I live in Tel Aviv, a place with which I am inextricably linked, constantly discovering new stimulation in the city’s atmosphere, culture, and art. I get my inspiration from the music that plays in my studio all the time, and I use it to develop my art, my fashion and aesthetics perspectives, and my beliefs

I invite you to enjoy Amen.

Avi Arcen Sadikov

Artist, designer and jeweler