How to measure jewelry?

Today everything can be bought online but still when it comes to jewelry we are a little skeptic because we can’t try before buying.
But there is a solution to that too.
With our jewelry size guide you can easily know what is the right size to order.


Each person has a unique finger size so it is important to know it to fit the ring in the most correct way.

So how do you measure the finger size to fit a ring?
Don’t squeeze (who has moisturizer now…really?)
In short, how do you measure a finger?

1. Wire – take a slightly thick wire (non-sewing) like this with presence and wrap it around the finger in a way that will be relaxed – neither loose nor tight, as you would like to feel with the ring.

2. Temperature – don’t laugh, after exercise, or in the summer, after exertion, the fingers tend to swell. Wait a few minutes for the finger to return to its natural dimensions.
Make sure it is not too hot or too cold (water and room temperature will do the job) – only when the finger returns to its natural dimensions will you return to the thread and the measurement.

3. Each hand and its fingers – do not draw conclusions from one finger about the same finger on the other hand – they are not the same. Measure each finger separately.
2 mm is enough and there will be a difference between pressing, fitting and loose.

4. The thick part – the ring should move freely – therefore it is important to measure from the wider part of the finger to the narrow part on which the ring will be placed.
It is always better to add another mm than to subtract.

5. Define in millimeters – tell us in mm what your finger size is and we will convert to ring size.
Leave it to the experts at AMEN and now go choose a really, really beautiful ring for yourself or someone you love.

Using an app:
You can download a dedicated mobile app, follow the instructions and the size that will appear next is the size of your ring.

Measurement of rings using a thread or a piece of paper, what do we need:
Pencil or pen
Ruler or tape measure

1. Take the thread or paper and wrap it around the thick bottom of the finger.
2. Mark the point where the two ends of the thread / paper meet.
3. Measure the length of the thread / paper up to this point with the ruler / tape.
4. Now that we have the length of the thread / paper we will have to go to the size chart and find out what our ring size is.

Size chart:

US SizeEU SizeInner diameterInside circumference
34414.04 mm/.553 inches44 mm/1.739 inches
3 1/444 5/814.30 mm/.562 inches44.80 mm/1.765 inches
3 1/245 1/414.45 mm/.569 inches45.20 mm/1.788 inches
3 3/445 7/814.70 mm/.578 inches46.10 mm/1.815 inches
446 1/214.86 mm/.585 inches46.50 mm/1.836 inches
4 1/447 1/815.10 mm/.594 inches47.40 mm/1.865 inches
4 1/247 3/415.30 mm/.602 inches48 mm/1.890 inches
4 3/448 3/815.50 mm/.610 inches48.70 mm/1.915 inches
54915.70 mm/.618 inches49 mm/1.941
5 1/449 5/815.90 mm/.625 inches49.90 mm/1.966 inches
5 1/250 1/416.10 mm/.634 inches50.20 mm/1.992 inches
5 3/450 7/816.30 mm/.642 inches51.20 mm/2.016 inches
651 1/216.51 mm/.650 inches51.50 mm/2.042 inches
6 1/452 1/816.70 mm/.658 inches52.50 mm/2.066 inches
6 1/252 3/416.90 mm/.666 inches53.10 mm/2.091 inches
6 3/453 3/817.10 mm/.674 inches53.80 mm/2.116 inches
75417.35 mm/.683 inches54 mm/2.146 inches
7 1/454 5/817.50 mm/.690 inches55 mm/2.167 inches
7 1/255 1/217.63 mm/.699 inches55.30 mm/2.196 inches
7 3/455 7/817.90 mm/.706 inches56.30 mm/2.217 inches
856 3/418.19 mm/.716 inches56.60 mm/2.249 inches
8 1/457 1/818.30 mm/.722 inches57.60 mm/2.267 inches
8 1/25818.59 mm/.732 inches57.80 mm/2.292 inches
8 3/458 3/818.70 mm/.738 inches58.90 mm/2.317 inches
95918.90 mm/.746 inches59.50 mm/2.342 inches
9 1/459 5/819.20 mm/.754 inches60.10 mm/2.368 inches
9 1/260 1/419.40 mm/.762 inches60.80 mm/2.393 inches
9 3/460 7/819.60 mm/.770 inches61.40 mm/2.418 inches
1061 1/219.80 mm/.778 inches62.10 mm/2.442 inches
10 1/462 1/820.00 mm/.786 inches62.70 mm/2.468 inches
10 1/262 3/420.20 mm/.794 inches63.30 mm/2.493 inches
10 3/463 3/820.40 mm/.802 inches64 mm/2.518 inches
116420.60 mm/.810 inches64.60 mm/2.543 inches
11 1/465 5/820.80 mm/.818 inches65.20 mm/2.569 inches
11 1/265 1/421.00 mm/.826 inches65.90 mm/2.594 inches
11 3/465 7/821.20 mm/.834 inches66.50 mm/2.619 inches
1266 1/221.40 mm/.842 inches67.20 mm/2.644 inches

You can also use the following video that shows how to do this:

Tips for successful ring measurement:

  • The thread should be just the right size i.e. not too tight and not too loose. Just like you feel with a ring.
  • It should be noted that the finger being measured is not too hot or cold, as the hand tends to expand and contract depending on the current temperature, so it is advisable to measure at room temperature.
  • It should be borne in mind that the measurements between the fingers of the right hand and the fingers of the left hand may be different. It is therefore advisable to measure the fingers with both palms.
  • If you are not sure, it is always better to order a slightly larger size than a smaller size.
  • You should always measure the thicker part of the finger.
  • Please note that the ring size fits our size guide and not general sizes.
  • Measurement after exertion – it is recommended to measure the circumference of the finger about ten minutes after performing an exercise


The measurement indicates the total length of the chain (i.e., if we were to spread it out into one long strip).

35 cm / 13.7795 inchesChoker
40 cm / 15.748 inchesShort chain
45 cm / 17.7165 inchesStandard length
50 cm / 19.685 inchesBefore the chest
55 cm / 21.6535 inchesHeart height
60 cm / 23.622 inchesBelow heart


Steps for measuring bracelets:

  1. Take a thread or paper and wrap the smallest part of the wrist
  2. Mark the point where the two ends of the thread / paper meet.
  3. Using a ruler or tape measure, measure the length obtained
  4. Now that we have the exact length all we have to do is choose the right size from the product size dropdown in the product page.

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